Sandphifer Art web site goes live with Birdhouse prints

I’ve been asked many times whether I had a web site. My answer has been somewhat evasive: “I have a Facebook page: Somewhat Fishy.” Which is not, I well know, the same thing. But now, here it is: the new Sandphifer Art web site!

Right now, you can see the 30 Birdhouse Series drawing prints I’ve created from my original drawings. On the site you can buy 8×10″ matted prints of my color pencil drawings.┬áThe Birdhouse Series

I also have an About Karin page. You can read about my path to art, which was anything but straight.

I will be adding a page for my Fantasy Fish. I will also add one for the Character Animal drawings, featuring Ollie, the ostrich and his many friends soon.

Most certainly Sandphifer Art will be tweaked in the foreseeable future. So please do go ahead and let me know what you like, or don’t, as well as what may be missing and should be added.

The objective here is to make it fun and easy for you to see and enjoy my work. You can buy prints of the Birdhouses, Fantasy Fish or Character Animals directly from the web site. Naturally, the Sandphifer Art Gallery in Pacific Beach still has more to offer, but if you can’t get out to Pacific Beach, WA, here’s your little art store.

So, welcome to the brand-new Sandphifer Art web site! I’m very glad you found me.


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