Now you can find Dogs, Birds, Farm Animals and more

In the last few days, Sandphifer Art has expanded. I’ve been adding many more drawings in multiple categories. Some of the drawings appear in more than one category. Take my friend Carlos, for instance. Clearly, he’s a Bird, but you will also find him in the Farm Animals category.

Under “What’s new?” fans of my work will be able to easily identify new work without having to comb through all of the different series.

Currently, I am working to edit my “Weird Creatures” series. It will take some time, as I review all of the drawings, possibly edit some of the originals and re-photograph them before I offer prints of that very “interesting” (euphemism for extremely strange) series.

Once I’m happy with the results, you will see old friends like Herbert and Serafina (these two are finished) whom you may have already met. Of course, there are many more, as you already know if you’ve ever visited Sandphifer Gallery in Pacific Beach, WA.

So please stay tuned, and check in with every now and then.

A sneak preview:


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