About my Drawings of Animals



Whoever said that animals have no feelings, has clearly not looked into their eyes. In my character animals series, I search for the expressions of birds, dogs, exotic animals and farm animals. And I am always surprised at the range of feelings that show up in their faces.

The Weird Creatures,  Fantasy Fish and Birdhouse series originate in my imagination. The “real” animals are created from photographs. There are simply too many animals I’ve fallen in love with and “had to” draw to squeeze them all into one category, so there are several groups to choose from.

Select Birds and Dogs or Exotic Animals and Frogs & Friends, or Farm Animals   to find the group you’re interested in. Some animals, for instance my rooster friend Carlos, will be part of two categories (Birds and Dogs and Farm Animals).

The Character Animals and Birdhouses come with gray mats unless otherwise specified in the category (frogs are matted in a dark navy blue like the Fantasy Fish)

I hope you enjoy meeting these friends of mine as much as I’ve enjoyed drawing them!